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hey baby

Posted on Feb 04 2017
happy saturday everyone! hope ya'lls day has been going good! mine has been pretty productive so far actually. i've managed to clean the kitchen, vacuum, and update the site! i've added some colorschemes, and a download all button that someone suggested. i've also added 2 stylesheets, which i'm pretty thrilled with. i ♥ making stylesheets! as a matter of fact, this current layout is made from my own stylesheet. i'm contemplating opening up a webstore. would any of you guys be interested? i'd offer premade layouts, signs, domain headers, etc. let me know what ya'll think please! i'd really like to! I had a couple people comment on my header, so I made a tutorial>> here.
this pregnancy has been different than my first one. i almost don't even feel pregnant. i haven't had any sickness so far knock on wood, but my stomach randomly cramps a little. any one know if this is normal? i went to my dr to get the blood test done, and am honestly nervous about the results. i'm worried they're gonna say i'm not pregnant, then i'm gonna freaking out about what else could be causing my postive test and nonexistent period. tmi? sorry! lol. anywho, have a good day guise!
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i'm so sick of the same old love

Posted on Jan 31 2017
So I took a pregnancy test yesterday... It of course came back positive. But, that's okay! Even if the timing is far less than perfect, this new baby will be a blessing. I'm getting excited too. It will be nice to have an itty bitty newborn in the house again. I'm not very far along tho, maybe 4 weeks. I think we're gonna wait to announce it until we know the gender. I've been super busy updating the site today. Check it all out and tell me what you think!

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