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What is happening to me?

Posted on Mar 14 2017
Hey ya'll! How is everyone? It's been a little while since I've last blogged or done anything. Sorry bout that! I've been distracted lately. Between being a mommy and being pregnant. I had my first ultrasound this past thursday! So teeny! I am now 11 weeks along, still first trimester. We're hoping for a girl, but absolutely CANNOT decide on a name. If it's a boy, he'll be named Elijah Jayce. I'm slowly getting out of the sick stage, thank goodness! I've put a new layout up, that I'm not real sure about yet. Idk. I'll get over it. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!!
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Walking Dead?!

Posted on Feb 16 2017


I just need to rant right quick guys! LOL! Okay, so I have started binge watching The Walking Dead on Netflix (If you've never seen it GO WATCH IT!). I'm on season 4, episode 7 and I can't help but get a tad angry that Dale didn't just leave Andrea to die in the CDC. Do ya'll realize how much CRAP the group would have avoided without her?! She never would've ended up at Woodbury, which means Merle never would've known Daryl was still alive. Which means he never would've been out scouting for him alone, so he never would've ran into Glenn & Maggie, which of course all in itself would blot out SO MUCH crap brought on them. But out of all of that, The Governor would've never known about them, so the feud wouldn't have happened, the group wouldn't have taken in a lot of Woodbury people, and end up losing a lot of them due to that stupid infection. I've read the description of upcoming episodes, & without the feud between The Governor and Rick, the group wouldn't end up getting split up and Hershel wouldn't get executed. GAH! He's one of my favorite characters too! So much heartache could've been totally avoided! *sigh* but i guess the drama is why the show is so popular, that and all the blood and killing Just had to get that off my chest. Have a good night everyone! ♥
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