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Birthday Party

Posted on Mar 30 2017
Hey guys! How is everyone on this beautiful Wednesday evening? It was so pretty here today! What's the weather like where ya'll live? I've spent basically all day designing the baby's birthday invitations, and I'm pretty excited about them! They're Paw Patrol, which is going to be the theme of his party. Ahh! My baby will be ONE in a little over a month you all!! THIS IS SO SAD!! Speaking of birthday invitations, I'm now offering them in the webstore! I design them, you print them off at Walmart for like 0.15 an invitation! I've also completely redone the webstore! It is now in a subdomain! Hope ya'll have a good night! ♥
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the dark side of the morning

Posted on Mar 19 2017
MUSIC IS LIFE! Just sayin'! A quick list of songs that are a must listen to when ya'll get a chance!
Selena Gomez, It Ain't Me
The Chainsmokers, Don't Let Me Down
Zayn & Taylor Swift, I Don't Wanna Live Forever
Clean Bandit, Rockabye
Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello, Bad Things
OH GOODNESS. Those are few of my current favorites. I can tell my pregnancy hormones are in full swing because the first time I heard rockabye I legit cried. Gah. How is everyone's Sunday going? I'm currently sick with some sort of crud and have been hacking my head off, and bubs has been super snotty. I did however get a good nap in today and bubs is currently down for a nap. So I'm taking advantage of this time to update a tad and listen to music lol! He's getting so big! He'll be a year in a month and a half!! IT'S SO SAD! He'll be walking soon. To the mommies out there, I have a question: when did ya'll transition your littles to toddler beds? Lemme know please! I'm trying to avoid buying a second crib. Have a good day!♥
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