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betty crocker

Posted on Apr 05 2017
Today, has been a pretty good day. I cooked a ham for the very first time in my life, and the hubby said it was real good. I've also baked some today! I love baking but hadn't in a long time. I"ve also binge watched Grey's all day. I'm not on Season 3, episode 11. I may need to slow down. Site-wise, I've changed the layout's header and added a deco. I like the way the layout looks a whole lot more now. I've also added a couple stylesheets. I love making stylesheets! It just takes me FOREVER! I hope you guys are having a good wednesday! Bye babes! ♥
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pick me, choose me

Posted on Apr 03 2017
So I may or may not have made a new layout lol. I'm not 100% sure about it tho, something about it seems off. The wonderful Vanessa cutouts came from caribbea. What do ya'll think? I also want to thank Jordyn & Sky from ordering from the webstore! I really appreciate it you guys! OMG. I'm already showing you guys! I'm only 14 weeks! I knew with my second I'd show sooner, but this is crazy! Bubs will be 1 in a month. He's getting so big. He can clap, and wave bye-bye, shake his head no, and can get into my cabinets now. Growing like a weed. But he hates diaper changes with a passion. Like, if he was old enough to spank, I'd spank his little tail for the way he acts. I started watching Grey's Anatomy from the very beginning last week. I'm currently on Season 2, Episode like... 8. There's so many good shows on Netflix. I think I'm gonna end this here, and try to figure out what's off with my layout. Peace guys!♥
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