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you give me temptation

Posted on Dec 29 2016
hey guys! long time no see! how was everyone's Christmas?! I know, I know. It's been forever since I've updated and I am so extremely sorry! There has been an outrageous amount of junk happen. Like... Me & the "hubby" have split up. No worries tho, it is most definitely for the best for us all. We're going to try to coparent Bryton, who is almost 8 months!! He can sit up unassisted, say "Mama", and he can almost crawl!! He wears 12 month stuff now and weighs almost 23 pounds. Totally rediculous. His first Christmas went well, he got all sorts of clothes and toys. Now he just needs a toy box in an extremely desperate way. He & I have moved in with my parents, so I no longer have internet. If I disappear for a little while again that's why. Hope all of my wonderful affies are doing good! HAPPY 2017!!
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easy money?

Posted on Nov 17 2016
Hey guys, have any of ya'll heard of PartSurvey? I seen a lot about it on Facebook, so thought I'd try it out. It's a way to make money taking surveys about advertisements for different products. Sign up is free, and when you get ready to cash out, all you need is your paypal link. No personal information! You get $30 for signing up, and $14 for each survey you do, so your first day you can get $72! You have to get to $700 to cash out, but I just started it yesterday and already have $180. Ya'll should go try it out! What have you got to lose? It takes me maybe 5 minutes to complete all 3 surveys!
try it!
Anyway, I'm sitting here with bubs watching little charmers while he's smacking at my laptop. He's rolling EVERYWHERE now and has 2 teeth coming in!! Ahh!! Has anyone else already put their Christmas Tree up? Or am I the only one? LOL! I put it up last week sometime, I couldn't help it, I was just so excited! No updates again today, sorry! I think this site is mostly becoming a blog anyway. Have a good day everyone!
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