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9 months

Posted on Jan 29 2017
Guise... I think I'm pregnant. I haven't taken a test yet because I know it's gonna be positive. Bryton is only 9 months and I'm probably pregnant again... Well, I can't say it's a surprise because I know what causes it LOL!! But is it bad that I'm not excited? Does that make me crappy? I just know none of our family is going to be excited. Like, "seriously? they just had a baby. and didn't they just get back together a month ago?" I know I shouldn't worry with what others think, but I can't help it. I figured out why Bryton couldn't breastfeed, I discovered yesterday that he's got a lip tie. It's causing his front teeth to be spaced out too. *sigh*. He's been up since 6, and has already given fits. I went to change him, and he pees all over his shirt and in his face (yuck i know) so while I was running him some bath water, he then pees all over the carpet. So this morning has already been interesting.
On another note, I've decided to start making stylesheets!. I've already added 3, and I'm extremely happy with how they turned out. I'm going to start updating a lot more, so keep an eye on that update box! Have a good day guys! ♥
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something new

Posted on Jan 27 2017
It is a brand new year, a different 365 days to live out the best and happiest we can. To celebrate, there's a new layout! A HUGE shoutout to glittersweet for the stylesheet inspiration. I think this may be my favorite layout so far. I've also been working on some content as well: some background psds, & some font previews
We'll see how that goes tho! I have moved back home, the hubby & I are working things out; I should be able to be on a lot more frequently than I have been the past few months. Things at home are going great now. Oh! Bryton is growing so fast! He is now crawling!! And it seems like overnight he has learned to sit himself up and to pull himself to a standing position. He'll be 9 months very soon. His like for normal food is growing as well. At Thanksgiving he gagged on mashed potatoes, but now eats mac n cheese, puff corn, and biscuits and gravy! It's crazy how quickly they grow. I hope everyone has had a very good start to the year. Here in Kentucky, we haven't any snow, and it's felt pretty good out too. Which is very odd. Oh well, I'm not complaining. ♥
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