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call me: Raven
I am: a stay at home mommy to a beautiful baby boy
Lives in: Kentucky!
I was born: on May 19th.
My hobbies: are web design, reading, graphic design, and cuddling with my bebe.
favorite tv show: Grey's Anatomy
History: I have been working with html and photoshop since I was probably 11 or 12. My (at the time) bestfriend & I actually started our own website around then! That was way back when myspace was super popular, before anyone even used facebook. (makes me feel old!) Oh, good times! I've also had quite a few websites of my own (not that you'll remember any of them): Genesis, Tantrum, Tidalwave, and I do believe my very first solo website was Marshmallow Lullaby (silly name I know). Don't judge! ;) ♥


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