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just your sight had my ♥ stormin'

Posted on May 20 2017
Wassup?! How is everybody?! I know it's only been 10 days since the last update but so much has happened since then, I just have to share! Pardon my title to this little post, I've been listening to a lot more country music lately. I used to hate country, but my hubby has got me hooked. I have updated the site just a tad, and have added some phone wallpapers! Be sure and check all of that out. Anywho. Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. Seriously felt like any other day forreal. I guess that's what happens when you have kids. My sweet hubby made it special tho by taking us out to Texas Roadhouse. He knew I've been craving it for a couple weeks now, so that was super nice. Bubs had his one year check up Thursday. Had to get shots, poor thing. He handled them like a little champ tho. He's walking every where now and weighs almost 25 lbs! Time certainly flies. The BIGGEST NEWS I have tho, is that Tuesday we found out the gender of this baby... and it's a GIRL!!!!! OMG guys, we're so freakin excited. I had it pegged as another boy, but I was very pleasantly surprised. When we were told the hubby stands up and says, "YES! I told you! Now we have no reason to have anymore." LOL! We got our boy and our girl and we are just blessed. That's all the news I have for now tho. Have a very good Saturday night everyone♥
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you keep spinnin' round me

Posted on May 10 2017
Hey hey hey guys! Guess who is FINALLY off of revamp?! I am so sorry it took so long. The past two weeks I've made and remade the layout because no matter what I did, I just didn't like it. But I <love the one I made today. It took forever, but I think it turned out very well. Gah, a lot has happened since I put the site on revamp. Bryton turned 1 this past Sunday, and we had his party Saturday. It turned out SO well! And he loved his little smash cake. Like, had it up to his elbows, and his face looked like the cookie monster he was so blue ♥. He's also walking some on his own now! And he can say "bye" lol. We find out what this new baby is next tuesday! We're really hoping for a little girl, but I think it's gonna be another boy. I'm thrilled either way tho. I've added a pretty decent amount as well, as you can tell by the update box. I finally figured out how to do coloring psds! So exciting things are happening guys! Let me know what you all think about everything!
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